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We are based in South West Washington and serve both the Portland and Seattle metropolitan areas. Xtravisible, inc., originally founded in 2002, we offer day porter / daytime janitorial services to suit your firm's needs. We pride ourselves in offering top-notch services that will not only add value to our clientele but respect.

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Our Mission

We at Xtravisible, inc. are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of the companies we provide services for, whether we are offering a luxury service, or necessary maintenance.

Time is important to us all, so we strive to keep a consistent schedule with all of our clients. We want to be exactly what you are looking for, and prove that every time.

Services Overview

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Day Porter / Daytime Janitor
Keep your public areas clean and orderly with this valuable service. Reduce liability to your company by choosing day porter services, making sure high-traffic areas are free of hazards.

Roof Maintenance and Window Washing
Roof Maintenance and Window Washing

Customizable Cleaning Solutions

Every company and every property is different and will have specific needs.

One company may have extremely heavy foot traffic, while the other has more internet sales. The first company will more than likely include day porter services to allow for a clean appearance and safe environment for the general customer or public; the second company may just need some basic cleaning services. Whatever the case may be, the goal is to discuss and design a cleaning schedule that will make sense for your company.

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We would love to help your business both look, and run, better.

Whether you need day porter services, window washing, or moss treatment, call us today and we can discuss services and scheduling.

We are here to meet YOUR service needs!

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Telephone: +1 505 728 2235

Service Area

While we are based out of Southwest Washington, our service area includes the greater Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington areas. Most services are available to clients in Vancouver, WA and Beaverton, OR as well as many other nearby cities. If you need further details, or have any other questions, call or email us today.